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Old Pal Laying on Friend

Old Pal Laying on friend - Instagram collection - Yunquexplorer1

14 km Tradewinds Trail - El Yunque rainforest PR exploration on 2013-02-01 for 1 week - Old Pal rests on tree while the main tree holds on another decaying tree as base on the right - the cloud forest - before Maria - Historic. The floor is full of decaying matter and leaves. It is a smaller peak close to the trail and thus receives plenty of rain, wind and fog.

El Yunque rainforest is naked truth. There life and death are in balance and not named as such.

Here a tree has an old pal that fell on it long ago and is decomposing. At the same time on the right it holds tightly around a another tree that was its base - but now is totally decomposed. We also have two variants of the canvas - one a color mapped to enhance features of the forest not very visible and a B&W sketch. The other canvas are very close to the Old Pal in Tradewinds trail.